Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that committing to any club is a big decision and you need as much info as possible to help you make an informed choice.

We hope that you’ll find the information you want easily available on our website, but we have also listed a few answers to some of the common questions we get asked below…

If there are any that we’ve missed then please give us a call on 07377 448298 to ask us in person or drop us a message here.

How much is it to join?
The cost to join Lycett Racing 100 Club is £25 per month (for a 12-month subscription)

Can I pay for a whole year upfront?
Yes! Whilst most people choose to split the cost by monthly direct debit, we also offer an alternative annual payment option. To do this, simply select the ‘annual payment’ option when you sign-up.

Do you offer a family membership package?
Unfortunately a family membership is not available at the moment, however if you wish to bring family members along to Club events and racedays then additional tickets can usually be made available at a discounted rate.

Can I buy a subscription as a gift?
Yes! We encourage you to spread the word about our club to friends and family and what better way than gifting them a year’s subscription?! Simply contact us with your request and someone will get in touch to help you through the process.

How much money will I make?
All members will receive 0.5% of the allocated prize-money won by the Club horses over the 12 month period of their subscription to The Club, however due to the nature of the sport of horseracing, we cannot guarantee that you will make any monetary gains from your membership. Membership of the club is purely for entertainment purposes and must not be regarded as an opportunity for investment.

Do I have to attend the social events and racedays?
Not at all! You are welcome to participate as much or as little as you want to in the social side of The Club. But that said, we do feel that part of the fun of becoming a member is the opportunity that you have to attend racedays etc.

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